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If you've wondered who created and runs Faith at Home, and why, this page is for you!

The Faith at Home Web site is a labor of love by one person: me, Barbara Laufersweiler. I'm a happily married at-home mom of two young sons, I am over 40, I live in the southern Great Plains of the USA, I am Episcopalian, and I am the designer, owner, and maintainer of Faith at Home.

I create nearly all of the content and find all of the resources myself, and I code it all up myself, too. Occasionally I'm able to find a great article that fits well into my vision for this site and I reprint it on Faith at Home with permission. I also create and publish the seasonal flyer of the same name, Faith at Home.

At its roots, Faith at Home is a result of becoming a parent. My two sons were born in the mid- and late 1990s, and those first years of motherhood gradually pushed into higher relief my desire to ground myself and my family in a life of faith, lived in our daily lives.

When I became a parent I expected to find resources for someone like me whose family was fairly nonreligious and who found her spiritual center as an adult in a non-Catholic sacramental and liturgical church (as I said, I'm Episcopalian).

As it turned out, I found few faith-and-parenting resources in the middle ground between the well-represented Evangelical Christians and the fairly well-represented Roman Catholics. That was tough, because I don't fit well in either of those categories.

I realized there must be other parents similarly frustrated. Not long afterward, I decided I would use my Web design skills to create a Web site for that niche. I created Faith at Home in early 2001, and its growth and development in some ways reflects my own -- but the site also reflects the interests of the site's visitors.

My prayer is that the Spirit work as She wills in this endeavor, and that I not be too dense in hearing her voice!


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