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Family life

Sacred Dwelling: A spirituality of family life, by Wendy M. Wright and Santa Murphy, illustrator. See it at

Living in God's Time: A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Children throughout the Christian Year, by Margaret Persky. See it at

Rituals for Home and Parish: Healing and Celebrating the Family, by Jack J. Rathschmidt and Gaynell Cronin. See it at

The Family Cloister: Benedictine Wisdom for the Home, by David Robinson. St. Benedict's very practical rule of life for a monastery (everything, from prayer to laundry, eating to gardening, is done with a heart oriented toward God) is applied to life in a family. See it at

Weaving Faith and Family... When You're Hanging on by a Thread: Reflections and Suggestions for Your Busy Family, by Eileen Marx. See it at

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