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Just for parents

The Mystery of ChildrenThe Mystery of Children: What Our Kids Teach Us About Childlike Faith, by Mike Mason. See it at

The Contemplative Mom, by Ann S. Kroeker. A wonderful book on how your busy life as a mother can actually be your route to drawing closer to God and enriching your spiritual life -- even though quiet moments of prayer are so scarce you barely recall the feeling! See it at

Parenting as a Spiritual Journey: Deepening ordinary and extraordinary events into sacred occasions, by Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer. Everyday events such as bath times, story time, and dinner can become part of the "crash course in love, grace, creation, revelation, forgiveness, law, suffering, power," that is parenting -- "the most intensive seminar on spirituality around." See it at

Sleeping with BreadSleeping With Bread: Holding What Gives You Life, by Dennis Linn et al. "For what am I most grateful? For what am I least grateful?" These questions help us identify moments of consolation and desolation. A daily examination of conscience in a simple, powerful form. See it at

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