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A church educator's "Must reads"

By Virginia Page

I wish every parent (and grandparent) would read the following four books. I listed them in my personal priority order.

  1. Raising Kids Who Care: About Themselves, About Their World, About Each Other, by Kathleen O´Connell Chesto (Sheed & Ward, 1996)

    How can we help our children grow into adults who care about themselves and each other, and are respectful, responsible citizens in their communities? What are the important ages and stages for instilling moral virtues?   Read review...

  3. Children Praying: Why and How to Pray with Your Children, by Joan Bel Geddes (Sorin Books, 1999)

    In this wonderfully helpful little book, it is clear that Joan Bel Geddes, mother and internationally recognized authority on child development, understands the spiritual and psychological value of praying with children.   Read review...

  5. Gently Lead: How to Teach Your Children About God While Finding Out for Yourself, by Polly Berends (Crossroad Publishing Company, 1998)

    For anyone looking for guidance providing spiritual direction for their children/grandchildren, I highly recommend this very readable, warm and captivating book. While being respectful of the mystery of God, Polly Berends, psychotherapist, makes connections between spiritual truth and practical everyday concerns like bedtime...   Read review...

  7. To Dance with God: Family Ritual and Community Celebration, by Gertrude Mueller Nelson (Paulist Press, 1986) About this book

Virginia Page is Godly Play Coordinator at Zion Episcopal Church, Wappingers Falls, New York, USA.


Faith at Home "Must reads"

Celebrating the Church Year with Young Children, by Joan Halmo. A wonderful guide for parents, giving background and then a wealth of ideas for each season and holy day throughout the liturgical year, in order of importance: Sunday, Easter, Holy Week, and so on. Lots of great ideas! See it at

To Dance with God: Family Ritual and Community Celebration, by Gertrud Mueller Nelson. Another superb resource for parents. Lots of ideas for faith-based activities for daily family life as well as seasonal and yearly observances from Christmas to birthdays, Lent to St. Nicholas' Day. See it at

Raising Faith-Filled Kids: Ordinary Opportunities to Nurture Spirituality at Home, by Tom McGrath. See it at

Offering the Gospel to Children, by Gretchen Wolff Pritchard. Makes a great case for offering children the fullness of the religious experience without analyzing and predigesting it on their behalf, and tells stories of wonderful ways to do this. Great comments and recommendations about children's books and Bibles in the final chapters. See it at

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