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A Review of "Children Praying"

by Virginia Page
"Children Praying: Why and how to Pray with Your Children," by Joan Bel Geddes (Sorin Books, 1999)

In this wonderfully helpful little book, it is clear that Joan Bel Geddes, mother and internationally recognized authority on child development, understands the spiritual and psychological value of praying with children. Beginning in early infancy, she guides the reader with practical suggestions of ways to pray, and ways not to pray, with a child. She goes on to explain what prayer can and cannot fulfill for a child.Children Praying: Why and how to Pray with Your Children, by Joan Bel Geddes

Pointing out opportune times for prayer, both daily and on special days, she shows how to help a child enjoy prayer and make it both natural and habitual, like brushing one's teeth. One chapter even addresses how to help a child who has doubts.

She says, "Emphasizing positive values through prayer helps a child grow through self-centeredness into a loving, generous individual with a solid foundation that will support him/her throughout life."

Clearly written and easy to read, this book shows that by spending a short time each day, you can give your child a gift of immeasurable value.

Virginia Page is Godly Play Coordinator at Zion Episcopal Church, Wappingers Falls, New York, USA.

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