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Would your parish like to support and strengthen the faith formation skills of parents of young children?

Do you want to communicate all that your parish is doing that would interest young children and their families?

Consider using our seasonal parish flyer. Your parish could give it to

  • members who are parents of young children
  • young mothers in your Sunday school or weekday Bible study
  • new parents, when a child joins their family by birth or adoption
  • parents of young baptismal candidates
  • young families interested in your parish
  • children in your church day school or preschool program, for their parents
Those are a few ways to reach out and support the ministry of parents with their young children.

The front page of the Faith at Home parish flyer is filled with original content related to the church season, daily life, or Sundays, while the back is left available for your parish to use for its specific programs and activities. Here is an example with parish-specific content added to the back page:

Click on either page image for a larger, more readable image

Faith at Home seasonal parish flyer, Lent 2001 sample, page oneFaith at Home seasonal parish flyer, Lent 2001 sample, page two
A closer look at Page One - or - A closer look at Page Two

Content and overall format and layout are copyright © 2001 Barbara K. Laufersweiler; all rights reserved.

The publication schedule and each issue's focus are:

  • August: Sundays
  • early October: Daily life
  • late November: Advent-Christmas-Epiphany
  • February: Lent
  • March or April: Holy Week-Easter-the 50 Days
  • June: Pentecost
This lays a foundation for the importance of Sundays and daily life near the beginning of the typical school and church school year, and builds upon those essentials with the seasonal issues. Delivery of each issue is currently two weeks prior to the intended publication date in your parish. After November 2001 an entire year's cycle will be available for purchase at once. Issues currently available are: Advent, Lent, Holy Week-Easter, and Pentecost.

For each issue your parish orders, you will receive a printed, black and white master copy of the front and back of the issue. The front will be laid out with original content from Faith at Home. The back will be blank except for the Faith at Home header (e.g., "Faith at Home ... Lent 2001 ... Page 2"), so you may use the header when you create your back page content if you like.

At the time you place your order, you provide the parish name and location to be included in the Page One masthead, and specify whether you would like the year to be included in the masthead and Page Two header.

Email for more details and pricing (per issue or per year).

Barbara Laufersweiler is an at-home mom, an Episcopalian, and the creator of Faith at Home.

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Copyright © 2002 Barbara Laufersweiler
Last updated June 4, 2001


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