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  • August 1997: General questions and answers____
  • September 1997: More general questions and answers____
  • October 1997: Getting started with Godly Play____
  • November 1997: Managing the Godly Play classroom___
  • December 1997/January 1998: Godly Play and the Middle Schooler____
  • February/March 1998: Godly Play and Children's Chapel___
  • April/May 1998: Vacation Church School____
  • June/July 1998: Administration/Lord's Prayer Lesson_____
  • Late Summer 1998: Ideas for Fall/House Built on a Rock____
  • October/November 1998: Odds and Ends/Daniel and the Lion's Den Story_____
  • First Issue 1999: "I am the One that Jesus Loves"_____
  • Second Issue 1999: Godly Play at Home_____


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