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Children with Challenges

Those who cannot come to God with the understanding we're accustomed to the developmentally disabled and, I think, children and the seriously ill and so on present a way of coming to God built primarily upon faith, rather than understanding. That seems to be what God asks for! I have also been challenged to think again about whether any of us are whole in the eyes of God.


A Spiritual Key for Autism

Our oldest daughter has special needs. She has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.... With hours spent each day in therapy... where do we fit in time for that child's spiritual needs?   More

Including Children with Special Needs in Worship and Church School Programs

The first step for including children with special needs in any program at church or elsewhere begins with personal attitudes. Inclusion... is about seeing each child, no matter how challenged, as having the potential to learn and the same need to be loved and included as all other children. In the church, inclusion is also about wanting every child to know that they are deeply loved by God.   More



Ideal Lives: Special Needs, Practical Support


  • In the Name of Jesus, by Henri Nouwen.
    [Nouwen tells] the story of "doing together in Jesus' name" a series of lectures on Christian leadership with Bill Van Buren, a resident of one of the L'Arché communities in which Nouwen also resided as chaplain.

    It is one of the best examples of how we who have strong intellectual capabilities and those whose capabilities are more limited nurture one another in faith if we will only spend time together intentionally seeking and serving God. I recommend it to all of us who are working with children as well as to those whose primary focus is ministry with developmentally diverse adults.

    ~ Karen-Marie Yust, Assistant Professor of Christian Education, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Developmental Disabilities and Sacramental Access: New paradigms for sacramental encounters. Edited by Edward Foley (Liturgical Press, 1994).


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